The Programme

The Action Plan Support Facility (APSF) - India - EU Study Centre, an instrument to implement the Joint Action Plan (JAP) between Europe and India,reinforces the importance of academic cooperation between Europe and India and proposes to create European Study centres in India and Modern India Study Centres in Europe. These centres are aimed at developing and intensifying academic links and promoting knowledge about both regions.

The overall objective of the Action Plan Support Facility India is to strengthen inter institutional links in the field of higher education and academic cooperation between India and the EU, and to  thereby promote better understanding of the EU in India and vice-versa through academics. The direct beneficiaries of the India - EU Study Centres Programme include Indian and European Higher Education Institutions and/or their relevant departments dealing with EU/ Modern Indian Studies or those interested in developing European Centres in India and Modern India Study Centres in Europe.
The other beneficiaries will be the respective academic communities, and students interested in furthering their knowledge on issues related to EU and Modern Indian studies. On a long term basis, the group of beneficiaries will also include business communities and public administration organisations as they will be able to employ those persons who have benefited from these centres. So far, this programme has the chance to become gateway of EU – India exchange, not only in the area of academics but also in other areas of mutual interest. The duration of the project is 40 months and will aim at strengthening the existing centres and facilitate a system to set up and maintain the newly created ones. An APSF PSC will be jointly established by the European Commission (EC) and the Government of India (GOI). Key persons specifically named for the Study Centres component will monitor progress of the project and advice on the implementation of the project. It is expected that the outcome of the project will be a self sustainable network of the EU Study Centres in India and Modern India Study Centres in Europe as well as a network of other institutions and activities related to the EU and India.
The India – EU Study Centres Progamme aims at developing and intensifying academic links and promoting knowledge networks about Europe in India and India in Europe.
Mandate of the India - EU Study Centres Programmes are: 

a)  Strengthening and providing technical assistance to ten existing Study Centres in EU and India - This support will be in terms of upgrading academic, administrative or institutional capacities. Technical Assistance (TA) will focus on drafting development plans, jointly prepared with the selected Study Centres. This will be done on the basis of preliminary institutional need assessment. Development plans will be for the duration of 24 months.

b) Support the creation and development of a minimum of five new Study Centres in the EU and/ or in India - New or recently created Study Centres belonging to well-established and recognized higher education institutions will receive support via the implementation of a call for proposals (grant projects). During the grant Programme’s implementation, the TA team will work together with the selected institutions on the development of teaching, research and training capacities. This will include a series of co-financed activities to develop human resources, support institutions and curriculum development.

c) Information support, dissemination, and visibility – India - EU Study Centres Project Web Portal - The Web Portal will be established as an information, education and communication tool for India - EU Study Centres Programme. The web portal services will be inclusive of and available to institutions not directly involved in the activities of the Study Centres. It will also support the creation of a new and wider network of EU and Indian Study Centres and enhanced visibility and better knowledge about the European in India and about India in Europe. The web portal will host a database of institutions and professionals interested in the areas covered by the India - EU Study Centres.